A weekly insight into music's affect on the mind through a review of Musicology and Music Therapy.

Introduction to Music, the Mind, & Me

Welcome to Ms. Richmond's
Music, the Mind, & Me Blog!

To get you started with what this blog is all about, here is a short video for you to watch:

As the video explains, the goal of this blog is to learn more about the fields of Musicology and Music Therapy. 

Each week, I will work to create a new blog post that is connected to at least one of these two professions that will enlighten you on certain aspects of Music and the Mind.

Most of my knowledge on these topics comes from books that I have studied, so I will reference these frequently and will provide a bibliography on the resources page for your reference.  
As most of my information comes from studies and books that I have read, most of my blogs will be reviews of information I have gathered. It is my personal desire to present this material as clearly and as accurately as possible.
However, I would also like to encourage you to post any comments or questions you have on/about this topic on the weekly blog update. This way I can personalize the blog for you, and answer any questions about music and the mind with regards to the two professions that you might have.

 My ultimate goal is to share my deep-seeded interest in these two professions and their studies on Music and the Mind with you, as my reader. Hopefully, through my posts, you will develop a deeper understand about music and how it affects our minds. 
It is my desire to do this in a fun way that will engage and intrigue your mind. 
I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog about Music and the Mind, as much as I do writing it.

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. ~ Plato 


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